Ten toes down

Y’all have no clue about my story.

You will have to figure it out to know my glory.

My momma did whatever she could…..to feed her kids.

Growing up in the hood…. that’s how it is.

I remember most days, I didn’t even go to school.

Thank God…. I wasn’t a fool.

I didn’t stay back…not one time.

I owned them classes, because I got a mind.

I remember moving from…. pillar to post.

Nowhere to really go, really hurt the most.

The people my momma would leave us with…didn’t beat us….but she didn’t know how bad ….they really treat us.

By the age of 8, I went to live with my grandparents and father.

A child he didn’t wanna raise, so he didn’t even bother.

As a child…I knew I had to look out for my own self.

Because… I had ….nothing left.

I continued in school and got…. good grades.

Made the honor roll…but no one was there to….congratulate.

Years later when I’m back with my mother.

We didn’t have this or that or the other.

I continued to excel in school…cause it was all  I had.

But you don’t know my life or how I had it bad.

As soon as I graduated high school, I got knocked up…. and it was a road block but I bossed up.

By the second time around.

I couldn’t let the situation get me down.

So I worked two jobs…. and went to school.

I wanted something more in life than welfare… ’cause I was far from a fool.

It wasn’t until after the third one…I got an idea.

That living in the projects…. ain’t really what it is.

But at 23 years old, I lost my dad.

We could have been closer, so I still hurt really bad.

I had to begin… again.

Back to school, I go… again.

My life was a endless cycle that didn’t seem to end.

But this time…I was determined to finish tho.

I need to get my kids out the projects, before they grow.

I got two degrees back to back.

So my kids didn’t ever have to lack.

But that’s not how …the story ends.

Years later….the pain begins.

It left me crippled most days.

I prayed daily for the Lord to take the…pain away.

I was so worried about my new career.

But God had me so it wasn’t nothing to fear.

I thought I was out of the woods and my life was going good.

But then I ended up with an abuser.

He was a beater, a cheater and user.

But then God stepped in…right on time.

And got him out of my life and everything was fine.

Then the road was so bright…and I had nothing else to fight.

But God said from above…..that I need to open my heart and love

I went to hospital with signs of a heart attack.

But I knew God had my back.

Open heart surgery, and I’m A-ok.

God fixed my broken heart and took the hurt and pain away.

Opened my eyes for me to see.

The man that He had sent for me.

We got married, and sealed forever with a kiss.

And we gonna be together.


In happily married bliss.

That’s it.

Misery’s Company

Poor little girl….who doesn’t know which way is up.

Living her life in a cup.

She drowns her sorrow.

If only time, she can borrow.

To get her life right, but with all her might, she fails.

Time continues to tell.

Her story of misery.

If only she could see.

Her life is what she makes it.

To get happiness, you have to take it.

Tuesday Talk-Happy VDAY?

Good morning, almost afternoon!

Today is Valentine’s day and the day to shower your boo thang or husband or hubby or wifey or bae  or boo or whatever the pet name you have for him or her with all the chocolate and flowers and diamonds (maybe) to show him or her how much you love them today.

Uh huh.


Today, I will continue to move from one location to the other all the way thru to Saturday or Sunday, so I will be really enjoying the time me and my hubby slash bae will be having on the day of love…MOVING!

We will have so much fun showing each other how to stack boxes up while cleaning up today. Nothing but love in the air for us but all of you who can enjoy then enjoy for us because we may not can enjoy each other today but we will enjoy each other every day and as long as we live together….in blissful love and happiness..a few arguments or more will surely be in between but we always get thru because we love each other.

Love that special someone and shower them with love and affection everyday and not just V-Day…..btw…HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!


I hate Mondays. Monday go away. The list goes on and on. But do we really hate Monday? Or do we really dislike or dread Sunday but we’re too scared to say We Hate Sundays for fear that God will strike us dead ? Lol. I mean….let’s be real….what has Monday ever did to us? Now Sundays we are forced (if you are a kid) to attend church and in a baptist church, Sunday school too. If you don’t go to church then Sundays are usually the days you clean up. Parents put on their church music as a way to get some church time in …through gospel music…and blast it thru the house so when the kids hear it, it is clean up day for them too. So Sundays would be the day you dreaded if it was clean up day or church day by force. Mondays are day two of a week. Sunday starts the week off. Sunday is not really a weekend. The weekend ends Saturday after the party stops. What can you do on Sunday but clean up or go to church or go out to dinner or both or all when you have to work the next day? All the stores close early. Things shut down early. So d0 y0i really hate Mondays? 

Happy Friday?

It’s Friday. TGIF. Thank God It’s Friday. That is…if you work five days a week and Friday is the day before your off days..Saturdays and Sundays and you can party like is 1999.

People without jobs who depend on us who have jobs thank God its Friday because then they can spend the money up that you done made working all week on the entire weekend with you.

Crazy but true.

Fridays brings the close of a workweek and peace with it for those who are actually off on the weekends.

I remember when I used to have to work a Saturday here and there when I worked at a theme park. When you work at a theme park or restaurant or store or anything else that is open seven days a week then Fridays could be just another day for you but for those of us like myself….it is a Happy Friday.

Yes indeed.

Weird writing thing

So I decided that enough was enough and instead of trying to work on part 2 of a series, I would work on a new story that I had not even started so since it is a story that I am not familiar with some things in it, I took to the internet. Looking for a black UK singer and lo and behold, I found Estelle is one and more surprisingly after going to her Wikipedia found that she has the same birthday as I do. Of course us writers take into account the weirdest things that confirm our crazy which we call fiction. Back to writing I go.