Wow! SMH


3 thoughts on “Wow! SMH

  1. Incredible!

    I know they never give all the facts in these articles but this was wrong from the beginning. Since when does the IRS simply walk into a business and demand a check? And NO prior notice? And now they want to nitpick the lawsuit apart? No…just no.

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    1. Yes. They left the people with nothing and they didn’t get a notice of seizure (so they say). I know the IRS can be brutal. I’ve seen it done to a few black owned businesses in my city Orlando. They sell anything you have there which in turn bankrupts the business. Licensed bullies

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      1. If a tax debt is owed, fine. But the IRS should not be allowed to devalue the property of anyone open and doing legitimate business simply to suit them. One day the business is worth 600K and the next day the IRS sells everything for 17K? Such craptastic BS.


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