Complex migraine or mini stroke/TIA?

Hello fellow bloggers!

Its been awhile. 

So on June 1st, 2017 as I was driving, my right leg went numb and useless. Well it had already did it earlier that day but I paid no attention to it. I thought maybe I had been sitting too long so I got up to walk around and it never came back to normal at all.

I ignored it like I ignore everything else until it was time to drive home and it became dead weight. 

Of course this was cause for alarm as I got on the highway and felt the leg so weak and uncontrolable, I called my husband who (thank God) had exited the same exit I was about to so he pulled over to wait for me so he could get behind me. 

So after awhile, my right arm felt weird and when I looked down at my hand it was shaking really bad so I put my phone in it but it dropped, it wasn’t working like it should so I put the phone in my left hand and googled stroke since I was stuck in traffic and felt something was off but not that much so when I finally got thru traffic, the right side of my face felt strange. I reached up to touch it and it felt weird, so I called my husband and told him that I couldn’t make it home and not to panic so luckily the fire station was up next so he told me to pull in there so we pulled up in there and I was transported to the hospital by ambulance. 

CT scan came back negative for stroke (CT scan does not show a hemorraghic stroke for 24 hours) and since I have a mechanical heart valve and an implanted spinal cord stimulator, I cannot have a MRI so 24 hours later another CT scan was done and no sign of a hemorrhagic stroke which is excellent but what happened?

I stayed at the hospital from June 1st to June 5th because guess what? My right hand had closed up and my right leg was no longer working and all I wanted to do is know if I was imagining this. 

I’m too young for this.

It was nerve wrecking.

On June 5th, I was transferred to inpatient rehab so I could learn to walk again and use my hand again. 

I was walking by the 7th of June but my hand took a little bit longer so I was there until the 13th. 

Neurologist said either a mini stroke or complicated migraine caused the issue since complicated migraine (migraine with or without aura) stroke like symptoms straighten themselves out fairly quickly…in days… than a stroke (can be months) unless its a mini stroke which symptoms should correct themselves in 24 hours which mine took a little longer.

I’m now mobile and all but ever since the 1st, I have had a headache every hour on the hour. Sometimes I get some hours in between. 

I have suffered from painless, ocular migraines (blinding visual disturbances such as visual zig zag lines known as migraine with aura) for about 3 years but never have I had a daily headache since I suffered from cluster headaches years ago which I am told, they came back when they want to. 

My PCP who I have been with for 15 years said I had an anxiety attack or it was my fibromyalgia. I don’t believe anything he says since he told,me a few years ago that my fibro that I have had for 11 years now was all in my head. This is the same doctor who didnt believe my heart valve was bad even when he knew a cardiac catheterization was done while in the hospital but now I’m questioning if I had made the whole right side paralysis up. 

I mean…I was in the hosptial trying to will my leg to move and it wouldn’t. I had to take my left hand to open my right hand that wanted to stay closed but it hurt too much to stay closed. 

It’s mind boggling when you just don’t know what happened and when you feel your mind is playing tricks on you.

“Was it the Zyrtec D I got when the doctor told me just to get regular Zyrtec since I shouldn’t take any decongestant with my blood thinner”?

“Was it the birth control pills (that have a high risk for stroke already but increased the chances when coupled with blood thinners) that I fought my ob doctor for since I had run out of treatment options even though my cardiologist approved me to have them”?


Maybe not.

The questions go on and on. 

I just don’t wanna be the girl who cried “stroke” and there was nothing but a complicated migraine and beside her is a doctor who has her believing it was all a dream or something I pretended. 

What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

Thanks for reading šŸ’ž


6 thoughts on “Complex migraine or mini stroke/TIA?

  1. So glad you are on the road to recovery. Can’t imagine going through that while driving.

    I’ve lived with recurring migraines for over thirty years and know they can be devastating… and ugly. My dad had TIAs for the last twelve years of his life, and they became so frequent, he was afraid to leave the house. A condition which could be a combination of the two or similar is not something to take lightly.

    Forgive me, but I must ask – why are you still with this doctor? He sounds like a clown. šŸ˜‰

    Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way for a full recovery.

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