The Realest Real

An afternoon random from me. 

Btw…good afternoon bloggers!

The realest real you can be is real with yourself.

If you fake it to you make it then no one will take you serious.

Real people like real people. 

Birds of a feather actually do tend to flock together. 

Now I’m not one of those “throw caution to the wind and live for the moment” type.

I’m the strictly responsible, think everything out a few times, OCD, ADD cautious type but to each its own.

If you are the fun type, the opposite of me type then you be that while I stand on the sideline silently judging you while hating at the same time trying to figure out how to get in on the action. Lol

Its tight but its right because I’m real with myself.

Be real with yourself if you’re not the realest with anyone else. 


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