Tuesday talk-fibromyalgia

Good morning cruel/cool world!

And yes…this world is cruel on one side and cool on the next…it’s life…lol

So another rando about my life with fibromyalgia.

So I have committed myself to gym at least twice a week every other day with the first day being Monday.

I eat the worse on the weekend and I think (just me) that starting the week off in the gym after work is the best way to start my workout regime every week so that puts me at the gym on Mondays and Wednesdays and last week…Friday too.

With fibromyalgia…a workout in 5 or 10 minute intervals  for 30 minutes a day is acceptable and doable for us fibromites so that we do not push our muscles as the non-fibro suffers can because we all know the ‘backfire’ of doing so.

Plus the fibro exercise guide tells us that we should start at only 5 minute intervals then increase as the exercise becomes easy but not enough to make the muscles sore or push them to the limit.

Indeed we do know that, well I do…but yet….I push it.

I push it beyond that because unlike most fibromites…my symptoms are less extreme than most.

Of course I have insomnia.

Of course my arms hurt if someone reaches out to touch them.

Of course I have short term memory issues and just plain ole…fibro fog.

Of course my feet hurt if I stand too long or sit too long.

Of course most days my body feels like it has been ran over by a mac truck but…..

I push thru it.

I am dodging flares and fighting fatigue everyday by being more mobile.

I am dodging flares and fighting fatigue by staying as positive as I can be in a stressful world (I am an Accountant so if I can do it….you can do it too..LOL)-did you know that your emotions control how you feel? If you feel sad then your body will feel it too. Psst….the gym works wonders for stress…just so you know….FYI….

I am dodging flares and fighting fatigue everyday by not letting fibromyalgia be me or control me. I have it but it does not have me.

If you or someone you know have fibromyalgia and are struggling just to function and need someone to talk to…please feel free to reach out to me at hopedestiny@penpointpublicationsllc.com and maybe we can encourage each other.

Be blessed and be a blessing!


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