Wednesday Whispers

Good morning!

Today is the middle of the week known as hump day.

I might be tired of hearing hump day.

I haven’t quite decided if I am tired of it or not tho. Lol

In my reading group on Facebook, I used to do a hump or dump for fun every Wednesday.

Posting pictures of men and women and the commentor would comment hump if they thought this person was fine or looked good to them or whatever positive the person on the picture had and the dump is commented by the person who didn’t think the posted guy or gal was hot enough for them. Fun times. Got the women all hot and bothered. Lol. I had to shut my reading group down on Facebook because of the lack of time I had and still have. Instead of posting in a group page everyday, I post on my regular Facebook but not as often as I did in the group. The group gave me a sense of responsibility. Like it was a requirement for me to post in it but the Facebook page isn’t so much a requirement since most of the readers or nonreaders of my work, I don’t know so to me it isn’t a must. 

I have so many books to write with little to no time everyday which is another issue. 

I love writing. 

I want to write. 

I need to write. 

I guess I will eventually schedule writing in like I schedule everything else so I can get it done. 

Two more days to Friday and another busy weekend for me again. 

Happy Wednesday! 


God loves you. 


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