Tuesday Talk

Good morning!

Another rando!

Whew! What a week and a day!

Last week was very busy for me….being an  Accountant and all, we have to close the prior month the beginning of the current month (like we just closed the month of March out this month by April 10th…yesterday). Those who are in Finance or a sense of it would probably know what I am talking about but anyways…..life has been hectic.

I leave for Jamaica next month for me and my husband’s one year anniversary and all I can think about is things to do.

We have two family reunions next month and one in July, and we are deciding on which one or two that we probably won’t be attending since we just moved into a new home and etc…life issues….everyone has them…rich or poor….lol

And on top of that…I haven’t been able to finish my plethora of unfinished novels just waiting for completion…so I am internally screaming.

I do have a book signing coming up soon so I will also will be occupied with that and some new authors (crossing my fingers) under PenPoint Publications.

Exciting and not so exciting things going on but that is life so you gotta take it as it is given.

Happy Tuesday!




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