Pharmaceutical companies are a global pyramid scheme

Another rando from me. 

Good evening everyone!

I was sitting at the pharmacy in Walgreens waiting for my Ambien (I know all side effects…have studied it and can write a book about it so don’t judge unless ye be judged). 

I have been off of it for a month. 

I was trying to go to sleep naturally but after a month of sleep deprivation, I finally got the prescription filled. I can’t take it anymore. I need to sleep but all at the same time….why did I really write this post?

Pharmaceutical companies are bigger than anything in this world.

They give you a 💉 drug for an ailment and when that 💉 drug cause another ailment then they give you a 💉 drug for that too. 

I am continually going back into the pyramid creating my own part and I continue to build it because I gotta keep going back in. 

I….excuse me….my healthcare plan provider just paid into the scheme again today when I picked up my bottle of “good sleep” in a bag instead of me (this time) because I have met my yearly deductible already but I haven’t met my yearly payments to them (healthcare plan) so I am paying them to pay the pharmaceutical company. 

They getting me to pay into it continuously even when I’m barely using it. 

Then the government make sure to keep them viable because not only this food and other things we put in or on our body is causing our issue or issues, they make sure to make healthcare coverage available to all. Even by giving the elderly Medicare that they take out of our checks so they still found a way to get my money even if I don’t ever see a doctor or take a prescription drug 💉, I will pay as long as I have a taxable source of income. 

And while I rant and rave about that….let me tell you how they really got me….I’m on a drug that I have to take for LIFE…irony’s slap in the face. 

I always tried so hard to not take 💊 pills so that I wouldn’t depend on them because I always felt it was gonna cause something else and now I’m stuck. 

I was so angry when I woke up from surgery to find that I was stuck on a 💉 drug that I would need to take everyday for my entire life.

I was so angry that I told the doctor that I won’t be taking it,and he said,”if you don’t take it…the surgeon can be by your bedside and he still won’t be able to save you”.

He also said something about ending up like Joan Rivers (she had just passed away that day or day before) while I argued with him. 

I’m like “why you gotta be so dramatic? I’m just playing. Geesh.” (As I stuff the pill in my mouth)

I didn’t actually say that and I was not taking the 💊 pill at the time (was joking)….but all at the same time…I didn’t want to test his theory of the whole dead thing because I like the whole living thing so I was and still am stuck like thousands or millions of others on a lifetime drug or drugs.


Because the pharmaceutical companies run the world. 

They have a prescription for aging ailments but not a cure for cancer or HIV but why would they cure something they can have you buy lots and lots of continuous drugs for? 

Pyramid scheme.

Government provide the ailment and the pharmaceutical companies cash in on it by providing you with the drugs. 

Life sustaining drugs.

We want to stay alive so of course we need them right?


2 thoughts on “Pharmaceutical companies are a global pyramid scheme

  1. I sigh as I read this. It’s just a crazy merry-go-round. I honestly doubt if pharmaceutic companies create drugs that are not purposed to leave the person with other side effects and ailment that they didn’t have. Not sleeping well for a month can be tough on anybody. Be well and take care.

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