Book reviewed

Good morning folks!

Another rando from me!

I was thinking about getting a few (meaning all) of my books professionally reviewed.

Some were published in 2014 and every year since then except this year but of course I am working on it.

I am really quite scared of it. LOL

I am not sure if the reviewer will tear it to shreds.

I mean…I wrote it and thought it was good enough to publish but is it really good enough?

That is the burning question as I try to perfect my craft and be better at it.

I am no James Patterson or Stephanie Meyer or JK Rowling or Walter Mosley or Mary Morrison or Maya Angelou but I want to try to get there even if it is just a fraction.

I don’t need much. LOL

I aspire to be as great as God intends me to be.

I want to transcend the test of time.

I have always believed in perseverance thru anything even when it does not look too good.

Failure to me has never been an option.

So yes…to be great…to be awesome… I would need a awesome book reviewer.

Anyone know of any amazing ones?



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