Just my imagination running away with me

Good morning cool world!

Another rando post !

Today is the most hated day in history….MONDAY!! LOL

Maybe that is a bit embellished and dramatic but hey…..it is what it is.

So every morning I walk my yorkie.

The same route everyday and everyday I notice the same thing….a dog or big cat that seems to be standing there waiting for me.

The same way I just came from is the shadowy figure.

I cannot grasp the concept that something so dreadful is waiting for me to return.

Why isn’t Kash (my feisty Yorkie) not barking at this shadowy figure?

He bark at everything else.

He doesn’t seem to notice it but I do.

That guard rail has me questioning my sanity.

It was a guard rail when I passed it but looking back…it is something else.

Being an author, I feel like my eyes see what is not there and my brain does too.

I am a writer.

A writer of fiction.

I make up things so is that why my mind sees this?


What about the two figures who sit in a parked vehicle in front of a house?

They are just two empty seats tho.

It is just my imagination….running away with me.

Then it has me thinking if I have a sixth sense because of all the things I sense.

Like I can see what would have should my car veer off the road and hit that block..what it would look like with my air bags deployed.

I also imagine things happening before they do.

Is it weird or crazy?

Or is it just my imagination?

I always thought of myself as being abnormal anyways because I grew up faster than any child I know.

Maybe someone else had to be grown up by the age of 5 and up that I don’t know about but I know I did.

By the age of 8 years old, I got myself up out of the bed for school and dressed myself (regardless of what it looked like) and made it to the bus stop on my own.

I always used my imagination of a life I wanted or created in my head and I guess it is just a part of me now.

I am not a carefree soul where I do irresponsible things.

I am very responsible.

Too responsible, because it is just me.

What about you?

What are your abilities or ability?

Do you have a run away imagination?


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