To publisher or not to publisher

Good morning folks!

I am so random.

I like randomness when I blog or when I post anything.

I don’t like to have to research to blog or post….I do enough writing a book. LOL

I am not sure if anyone was or is thinking about publishing a novel via self publishing or traditional publishing or indie publishing but here are some things I endured via both.

When I initially started writing, it was only to write my story and be done but that was not the case once my overactive imagination (as it has always been since I was a child) took over and all these stories started to come out of me, so I continued.

Initially I submitted to Kindle Select, because I didn’t know about uploading to the self published  website KDP, but they recommended once denying me for the Kindle Select program which is part of KDP now so no worries about trying to look it up.

On KDP, you create a cover thru their website and upload your book content (completed manuscript) and BAM….you have a published book.

Self published but published nonetheless.

I celebrated!

I had completed a book and it was now published.

Never mind if anyone buys it.

I had did something.

Eventually, I would change the cover about 2 or 3 times to make it more appealing to boost sales of course.

While I did all this, I was still working on my first fiction novel since my personal story is a non-fiction story and I had just completed an erotica of short stories that I collaborated on with a family member who became an author around the same time I had.

I signed on to an indie publisher for the fiction novel.

If a publisher signed me then that was awesome I thought.

To me that meant that I I could really write.

To me it meant that I could actually become  a real author with my name up in lights like JK Rowling or James Patterson and become a NY Times bestselling author like them and be a millionaire.


A dream that I never dreamed was coming true.

I didn’t have dreams of becoming an author.

I was what I was with an MBA in it to prove it so the added benefit of being a published author just sweetened the deal.

I did it.

I had made it.

Yeah right!

After the publisher had the novel for awhile and it was not going anywhere (not being published), I jumped on to another publisher who I knew was a great author so I just knew  going under an author turned publisher would be the best thing to get me more exposure and make me more dough.

Uh huh.


It worked for a little while then changes happened and ties were severed and the royalties diminished.

What I discovered was… was a SHAM!

Each author on the roster had to support the author who released a book and the publishers who were affiliated with that publisher authors had to do the same.

So is that really believing in my work?


Not only that, I am paying the publisher a whopping 60% of my royalties every month for the same book and I was only provided editing and a book cover for initial release.

What are you doing for the 60% every month after the first month of sales?


I had to buy…excuse me…GIFT…my book randomly in exchange for reviews which is fine but that is MY MONEY…not the publisher’s money.

I had to pay for marketing or promo services myself and any other thing to boost sales or anything to gain recognition.

I wrote the book and had to work harder to get it noticed which is fine…you work at something to make it great but all at the same time…I AM STILL PAYING A PUBLISHER 60%!!!

BYE *itch BYE!

I’m good.

Jumped off that 2 year circle of NOTHING.

Money gone…I was gone too!


PEACE OUT! *in my Chris Tucker vc*

Now I started my own publishing company and not looking for another indie publisher.

I want to be better than what I got.

I know better so as a publisher, I am gonna do better.

Traditional publishing?

Good luck with that.

Find you a literary agent or get you a nice query letter and get to submitting and maybe just maybe within them 3 to 6 months, you will get your answer and if it is good then you are good. If it is bad then you gotta start it all over again.

I would self publish first and if it goes well then great and….if you looking for an indie publisher with knowledge of what to do and not to do then hit me up.






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