Destined for greatness?

Good morning world! 

When I sit back and smell the roses or take time to smell the coffee, I take an inventory of my life and wonder how I came about and where I came from.

Not in a sense of ….how I was born or life and death kind of situation but what brought me to the place I am now and I wonder about my destiny or path and how or why it was chosen just for me.

It is said that God knows us before we even know ourselves. 

That God knows our path before we know it and with that I think….did he set me out for greatness? Was my path chosen just for me to be where I am at and to be how I am?

I wanted a different path.

I wanted to grow up with a mom and dad and siblings …the “Leave it to Beaver” lifestyle but I didn’t get that.

I got an absent mother and father.

I lived with my Kindergarten teacher to go to school.

I lived with a sibling family member to go to school. Not my family member but someone else’s family member.

I got to live with my aunt and uncle and their kids.

I got siblings but they each have a different dad. We all grew up in different households with each father or with each paternal grandmother or paternal grandparents like me. 

I have a mother who is alive and well and we are close now but when I needed that love from a mother….when I needed advice and tips on life…she just wasnt there.

My father was alive and now he is gone. He died at the age of 46 years old and even though I knew him and had been around him….I didn’t really know him. He was always absent. Always not around. 

So was I destined for greatness? 

They say the greatest things come from tragedy. 

Being born to parents with no clue was a tragedy for me. 

All the millionaires and billionaires are successful because they grew up with nothing so they wanted more. They needed it. They were hungry. They were cold. They wanted never-ending food. They wanted clothes or a blanket that would always keep them warm. 

They were destined for greatness. 

I think I am too. 

Are you?


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