Sins of a Good Girl (excerpt)


After being in the projects for some months, my mother and I became close to this lady name Mia. Mia lived next door and came over a lot. She seemed nice enough. Her and my mother seemed to become the best of friends. I liked Mia. She told me to call her Auntie Mia or just Auntie. I liked that, and since I didn’t have any relatives that I knew of, it felt good to have someone to call Auntie. Auntie Mia didn’t have any kids. Well, at least she didn’t have any kids living with her. I overheard her tell my mother that the ‘crackers took my kids’. Her leg was shaking, and she had a cigarette in her hand that she pulled from a lot.

She proceeded to say, “I only left them for a few hours to go make a few dollars to buy groceries. I blame their daddy. His deadbeat ass wasn’t doin’ shit for ‘em, but payin’ that lil ass child support that was barely enough so what made him more fit than me to have ‘em anyways? ‘Cause he is married? Please. Just ‘cause a person is married don’t make ‘em a fuckin saint or no betta than nobody else. It’s just another form of hustlin to me.”

My mother bursts out laughing like it was really funny.

She got up and said, “I’m sorry boo. This sh** got me trippin’.”

Auntie gave my mother a ‘b** you better straighten up’ look. Auntie Mia continued her story while side eyeing my mother.

She said, “Anyway, I found out it was Neesha’s ole triflin ass who called the police because my baby woke up screaming and crying nonstop for hours. I swear I was so frustrated about the whole situation with my kids that I eventually went over and knocked on that bitch door. As soon as she opened it, I dragged that hoe out her house and beat her ass to a pulp. By the time I turned the hoe loose, she was unconscious to the world. A few neighbors called the police, but I got in my car and bounced before they showed up. Three weeks after things had quieted down, I went back to the apartment at night and got all my clothes and shit that I wanted.

I was about to leave, but the hoe opened the door and said, “Mia wait.” I didn’t turn around to look at her,  I just stopped in my tracks.

She said, “I’m sorry about your kids. I really am. I didn’t press charges because I would have done the same thing.”  I didnt say anything to her. I just continued to walk down the stairs to my car, and then I drove off. I drove all the way from Fort Myers to Miami. Now I am living next door to my new family. Auntie was smiling now.

I asked, “Don’t you miss your kids?”

Auntie Mia replied, “I do miss my kids, but they are doing well now. They don’t need me. I am just a h…”

Auntie stops talking immediately when she remembered that I was a child and in grown folks business.

She said, “I mean, I’m just their mother who has nothing to offer them. They are cool with their daddy and his wife as their mother. Now go in the room and get some sleep for school tomorrow and get out of grown folks business.”

Auntie helped me off the floor and lightly popped me on my butt. I looked behind me as I walked away. I looked into her eyes, and she gave me a wink.



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