Happy New Year? by Tisha (excerpt 7)

January 10, 2017

I woke up today with my eyes stuck together and decided that it was just my allergies, so I went to work and worked all day and a few comments about the one eye being extremely red, I decided I would go to the nearest clinic when I got off.

I decided to go to the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic in Winter Park but by the time I arrived, there were so many people waiting to be seen that they closed the list on me right after the elderly couple registered in before me, so I had to find another one, so I googled and decided that the one off Aloma Avenue would be the one.

I had to pass by the hospital where they had just admitted my mother.

I would have to see her later since the clinic closed at 7pm.

I was the second in line.

Mental fist pump.

I had made it.

The doctor automatically looked at me and asked, “What brings you in today?’

“My eyes are red and itchy, and I wanted to get it looked at before I visited my mom in the hospital. She has the flu.”

“Good thing you did. You have the pink eye.”

“Couldn’t it be allergies?”

“No. I don’t think so. Let me see. How do your other eye feel?”

The doctor grabs the light thingamajig and shine it into my eyes, and I get an instant headache from it.

I jerk away.

“Yep. You have the pink eye. In both eyes.”

I done touched the other eye after scratching the infected eye and infected the other.

Go figure.

I get the ‘it’s very contagious” speech and the “don’t go see your mother” speech and go on home.

She doesn’t say “don’t go to work” at all so off to the doctor the next day and off of work until Monday, January 16th and eyes itched too bad to see so no writing at all.


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