Skinny or fat?

Why do we believe in that BMI chart?

Why do we think we are fat?

Why do we think we are skinny?

I know these questions plague each and every one of us today.

I know most days, I look at myself in the mirror and think I am just too big.

My thighs and butt have dimples/cellulite and I just went on a diet to lose weight but now I still wanna lose more.

We have been programmed to believe that being skinny is in and being a little heavier (not fat) is not.

I am considered ‘thick’. I have a small waist and big butt and thighs which is fat for my height on the BMI chart but how does this chart actually chart different shapes and sizes?

Who is the ideal weight and size anyways?

Why am I being charted for a standard size?

Who gets to decide what size is appropriate?

It is just too much.

My butt too big?

Yours too flat.

That is how I feel about it.

Women come in all shapes and sizes.

Either love me or hate me.

I’m still gone shine on….big butt and all!

Yeah I said.




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