Happy New Year? by Tisha (excerpt 6)

January 9, 2017

If you watched the news today then you already know that an Orlando Police Officer with the same name as my stepbrother died today in a crash trying to get to the scene where another Orlando Police Officer, a mother and wife and a daughter of a mother, was gunned down by a black man who was already wanted for killing his pregnant girlfriend last month, December 2016.

To hear the name of that male officer was a shock all over again, but to hear that a black male officer of the same name was actually in a position opposite my stepbrother’s, dying the day after my stepbrother’s birthdate was and still is unreal.

Who would have thought a day after my stepbrother would have turned 41 years old, a man of the same name would die and not because he died committing a crime, but he died trying to deter a crime; trying to save another’s life.

He died a crime fighter and hero.

A black male officer and black female officer died today, and it actually got worldwide media attention.


The black female was gunned down by a wanted murderer and the black male officer was hurrying to the location where she was at and died in a crash on his way there.

It is horrific and sad all around.

I am still in shock at this black male shooting a female officer twelve times, because it could have been me at that store.

I visited that store a lot since it is close by my house.

It could have been one of you reading this story right now.

It is shocking and unbelievable and by January 17, 2017,  over a month on the run from killing his pregnant girlfriend, and eight days after killing a black female officer, this individual made the top fifteen on America’s Most Wanted list. The U.S. Marshalls added $25k to an already $100K reward for any information leading up to the arrest of this individual. The U.S. Marshalls then came to Orlando and captured him the same day.

Three people were hauled off to jail just days before he was arrested for helping him.

If you help a person who has committed murder then you are an accomplice or an accessory to that murder and might as well had pulled the trigger yourself.


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