Did you know

A woman after visiting her girlfriend for weeks can return home, call the same friend and talk for two hours (we didn’t finish our conversation)

Women can devour a large pizza when they are alone, as opposed to the act they put up that they eat too little, when men are around.(maybe)

Women hate to be ignored, especially by their significant others. Even if you are out with your friends or a group, you better be paying attention to your woman, or you may just pay for it when you get home. Also, if you start talking to someone you know, and we have never met them, you better introduce them right away or you are going to have one angry woman at your hand.(you will pay)

Women check out their reflections on any shiny surface: mirrors, spoons, store windows, bald guys’ heads, and even their own shadows. (somebody has been stalking me)

Women, no matter what size, are always going to be insecure about something on their body. Even super models will have one thing on their body that they may not like or that they are insecure about, even if they never admit it to anybody. (Yes…my thighs and arms…I hate them)

Women love a bargain, even if they don’t need the item. So, if they see a purse that is almost exactly like one they already have, but it has been marked down 75%, they are going to most likely buy it because women think they saved money on it!! (we will need it later or we can gift it later)

Women can have partners that are years younger without being called dirty old perverts. (good cause my husband is 4 years younger than me but who cares because I look just as young as he does..lol)

Women hide everything that is concerned with their age, weight, feelings, and qualities.

Women never have anything to wear, in spite of the racks overflowing with piles of clothes.(don’t do us)


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