Happy New Year? By Tisha (excerpt 4)

January 4, 2017

Today is my brother’s birthday.

The oldest of my mother’s seven kids turned 43 years old today.

Today is also my niece birthday.

She turned 11 years old.

I would call her my oldest niece, but I have some ‘unknown’ nieces out there that I am finally being told I have, and they are much older than her.

This is the fourth day into the New Year, and I can’t swallow.

I been throwing up all night and couldn’t eat or keep anything down and if I did, it came back up.

I called in sick from work today, because I am too sick and too weak to stand or move.

I muster up some strength and go to see the doctor and he said it is acid reflux and gives me medication.

I take it and the next day, I go to work, but I still can’t swallow or eat anything and my throat feels like it has a knot in it.

Today on January 5th 2017, I plan to work a few hours then go back home but that does not happen.

I work a full straight twelve hours without lunch to make up for the work I missed on January 4th, so after work I go to the nearest CareSpot.

It is right before they close at 8pm that I make it in and am diagnosed with strep throat and given antibiotics and sent on my way.

No information on it at all.

Just told it is contagious.

No “stay home” note or anything else.

What an awesome healthcare system we have!

Next day is work and antibiotics.

Thru my own ‘Google’ research, strep is only contagious the first 24 hours ‘after’ taking antibiotics but is contagious for two to three weeks with no treatment, so since I had antibiotics, I went on my work week as normal but with a throat that seemed to have a hot poker in it along with a rock1.

By Sunday January 8th, I was good… maybe.  15857148_1488026044543416_1578484772_o


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