Happy New Year? by Tisha (excerpt)

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Words from the author

An author’s mind is chaotic with people, places and things. Those people, places and things turn into books and then sometimes the chaos stop which is called writer’s block, but it is only the calm before the storm because when writer’s block hit me, it really hits me but when it is gone, I write non-stop and uncontrollably for hours and days all the way up to completion of a novel.

 I don’t know why I felt compelled to write this particular story, but it happened so here it is. 

I always loved when the holidays came around each and every year, because people care more and share more and give more and love more than they do the entire year and not just giving more monetarily but they give more of their time as well. When November comes around each and every year, you feel the reason for the season….the birth of Jesus Christ. For those who do not believe in God or Jesus or the afterlife probably won’t believe me, but it is true.

The year of 2016 brought about a lot of different things for me, and I wanted to reflect on them since there could be someone else thinking the same thing I am thinking, so I hope that it will help somebody…anybody…including myself. I had the need to get some things off my mind and writing is the best way to express it. 

Happy New Year?


Maybe not.

You decide.

As 2016 came to an end, I look back and think about those that we lost …..Prince, Muhammad Ali, Arnold Palmer, George Michael, Nancy Reagan, John Glenn and all those in the music, film or etc industry and take an inventory of my personal life and how we lost my uncle also suddenly and without warning and when I think about him, I cry all over again and I  hurt all over again but I also know that God don’t make no mistakes. He still sits high and looks low and even tho we think we should have had our loved one longer or the celebrity icon longer, God knows best; and we have to rest and take comfort in the fact that He is near to the broken hearted and weeping only endures for a short time. It may be longer than we want it to be but we will make it thru with God.
Be blessed and be a blessing.

Tisha (aka Hope Destiny) 15857148_1488026044543416_1578484772_o


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