Tuesday Talk-Happy VDAY?

Good morning, almost afternoon!

Today is Valentine’s day and the day to shower your boo thang or husband or hubby or wifey or bae  or boo or whatever the pet name you have for him or her with all the chocolate and flowers and diamonds (maybe) to show him or her how much you love them today.

Uh huh.


Today, I will continue to move from one location to the other all the way thru to Saturday or Sunday, so I will be really enjoying the time me and my hubby slash bae will be having on the day of love…MOVING!

We will have so much fun showing each other how to stack boxes up while cleaning up today. Nothing but love in the air for us but all of you who can enjoy then enjoy for us because we may not can enjoy each other today but we will enjoy each other every day and as long as we live together….in blissful love and happiness..a few arguments or more will surely be in between but we always get thru because we love each other.

Love that special someone and shower them with love and affection everyday and not just V-Day…..btw…HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!


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