I hate Mondays. Monday go away. The list goes on and on. But do we really hate Monday? Or do we really dislike or dread Sunday but we’re too scared to say We Hate Sundays for fear that God will strike us dead ? Lol. I mean….let’s be real….what has Monday ever did to us? Now Sundays we are forced (if you are a kid) to attend church and in a baptist church, Sunday school too. If you don’t go to church then Sundays are usually the days you clean up. Parents put on their church music as a way to get some church time in …through gospel music…and blast it thru the house so when the kids hear it, it is clean up day for them too. So Sundays would be the day you dreaded if it was clean up day or church day by force. Mondays are day two of a week. Sunday starts the week off. Sunday is not really a weekend. The weekend ends Saturday after the party stops. What can you do on Sunday but clean up or go to church or go out to dinner or both or all when you have to work the next day? All the stores close early. Things shut down early. So d0 y0i really hate Mondays? 


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