Happy Friday?

It’s Friday. TGIF. Thank God It’s Friday. That is…if you work five days a week and Friday is the day before your off days..Saturdays and Sundays and you can party like is 1999.

People without jobs who depend on us who have jobs thank God its Friday because then they can spend the money up that you done made working all week on the entire weekend with you.

Crazy but true.

Fridays brings the close of a workweek and peace with it for those who are actually off on the weekends.

I remember when I used to have to work a Saturday here and there when I worked at a theme park. When you work at a theme park or restaurant or store or anything else that is open seven days a week then Fridays could be just another day for you but for those of us like myself….it is a Happy Friday.

Yes indeed.


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