Desires of the heart

Yesterday I seen a blog post titled “Tomorrow’s Pregnant” and immediately, I wanted to read it but the first sentence didn’t entice me to read it further but what was I expecting it to say? The title was truly a play on words but it grabbed my attention. Probably some of yours too. I’m just bold enough to admit it. Kudos to the blogger for that but those titles and others such as that captures people. Sorta like seeing a title about getting rich quick and here and the steps. Desires of our heart is what a writer appeals to. As a writer, I always had the idea that if I capture a reader with the first paragraph then you’ve got something because something is better than nothing right? We wanna be famous one day. Our name in lights so we step outside a lot of boxes trying to grab the thing they said we can’t or won’t achieve….success or stardom. Maybe that’s not you…..maybe you just wanna be rich. You don’t want your name in lights. You just want fortune (as if fortune and fame don’t go hand in hand) . Yeah. I get out. That is your desire. The desire of your heart. Whatever you desire…how far would you go to get it? To get what you have never had. You gotta do what you never done. 


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